I am currently head of the Statistical Genetics group at insitro, a data-driven drug discovery and development company that utilizes machine learning and high-throughput biology to transform the way that drugs are discovered and delivered to patients

I formerly ('21-'23) led the Genomics and Data Science group at 54gene. Our focus was on building and analyzing genomic datasets for African populations.

Prior to this, I was  an associate director of statistical genetics at the Regeneron Genetics Center ('14-'21). My work focused on integrating large-scale genetic datasets (array and exome sequence data, single marker, multi-marker, gene sets and copy-number variants) with electronic medical record information to find new drug targets. 

Before that, I was a computational biologist based at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and part of the Genetics program within the Psychiatric Disease Initiative at the Stanley Center ('11-'14). My work focused on bioinformatic and statistical analyses of genome-wide association studies and next-generation sequencing datasets including; pathway and gene-based analyses, runs of homozygosity, copy-number variation, functional re-ranking of results etc. 

See my publications for other details of past research.

I received a BSc in biotechnology from Maynooth University ('02) followed by a PhD from RCSI ('06). My post-doctoral experience consisted of 3 years at Trinity College Dublin with the Neuropsychiatric Genetics Research Group ('06-'09) and 2 years at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) with Shaun Purcell and Pamela Sklar ('09-'11)(1,2).

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Twitter (not very active any more): https://twitter.com/codushlaine 

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