Day-03 - polygenic scoring

Post date: Feb 27, 2011 4:23:17 AM

So, finally completed the polygenic scoring. Happily, I am in the bottom 5% of polygenic scores. So not much evidence of schizophrenia!

- took my 23me data and plink-formatted

- took original ISC scores from here

- predicted ISC into a dataset of 1500 SCZ cases and 1500 controls (using no p-value cut-off here b.t.w.)

- predicted ISC into 23me data (with the caveat that many SNPs (~50%) were not covered...sort of an issue, but not a major one, I expect...and I can always empirically estimate the sampling error in this

- plotted me along with the dataset I scored against: 1=controls, with vertical line at 0.00095 highlighting my score, 2=schizophrenia cases